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Andre Ricard

Born in Barcelona in 1929, Ricard has worked as an industrial designer since 1958 and has also had a special interest in design theory, a subject which he has taught and on which he has written a number of books. As a consequence of his interest, too, in raising the profile of the profession, he was a founder member of ADIFAD, of which he was president from 1972-74, vice-president of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) for ten years, and founder and president of the Associacio de Dissenyadors Profesionals (ADP). Presently President of Spanish Association of Industrial Designers, Vise President of Barcelona Design Center and Member of Barcelona Economical Promotion Council. Ricard is known for his torch design for Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and his award winning ice tongs in 1964. Awards: World Star by World Packaging Organization (1986), Creu de Sant Jordi Cross of merit of the Government of Catalonia (1993), Ordre Olympique by International Olympic Committee (1993). Writing: Le Design au Quotidien (1995).