Luciano Marson

In his early days, Marson worked as a shop worker during his summer holidays in various furniture firms. He would spend his spare time during the school year in a workshop learning about connecting rods, compound levers and gearing. Graduating in 1972, he branched out as a clerk working in the furniture sector. In 1976, his passion was directed towards the commercial industry and within a couple of years, Marson’s entrepreneurial spirit took over, becoming a commercial agent who collaborated with various firms including; Ciatti, Elam Pallucco and Tirangolo. In 1987, he established a public relations company that managed communications on behalf of Bulthaup Italia, Montis, Palazzetti and Valcucine. In 1989, he partnered with Paolo Chiarot to establish the designer firm Horm, the designer firm where he is general manager. Since then, he has managed packaging and engineering effort, including packaging of Nino and Take.

Brands Horm