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WorldlineAuckland, 2023 | Stack

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Worldline, previously known as Paymark, stands as the leading paytech provider in New Zealand. Since introducing EFTPOS to the country in 1989, Worldline has specialized in delivering payment solutions that drive the growth of New Zealand businesses, whether it’s in-store, online, or through mobile platforms.

In 2022, STACK undertook the task of conceptualizing and constructing Worldline’s fresh workplace at 88 Shortland Street in Auckland. Embracing the opportunity offered by this office transition and recognizing the evolving landscape of workplaces due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Worldline used this move as a chance to reassess their approach to workspaces and the future of work styles.

The mandate for Worldline’s new office was clear—to craft a haven for its people. This new space needed to be inviting, fostering a vibrant workplace ambiance while ensuring a secure environment to work in. The objective was to curate a modern, adaptable office that not only brought individuals together but also enriched the company’s culture and collaboration. Essentially, Worldline aimed to fashion a new sanctuary, a “home away from home” for their team.

Drawing inspiration from nature’s tranquility—a realm that allows us to unwind and rejuvenate—Worldline envisioned an iconic kiwi bach to inform the design, connecting the outside world with the interior, blending elements from the beach to the mountains seamlessly.

Collaborating closely with Stack Interiors, UFL played a pivotal role by providing purpose-built furniture for the open-plan multi-use spaces, serving as arrival areas, social hubs, and meeting points. UFL’s contribution included the supply of Andreu World Nuez chairs, Enea Coma 4L Stools, Enea Puck stools in a vibrant pineapple hue, and a custom-designed Cloud modular seating unit in a striking blue shade.

Designers: Stack | Photography: Mark Scowen 

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