Gerard Moliné & Martín Azúa

An Industrial Design graduate from the ELISAVA School of Design in Barcelona, Moliné is co-founder of estudio Azua Moliné together with Martín Ruiz de Azúa. He currently works as a designer from his own studio, Estudi Moliné.
Collaborating with a wide variety of brands and institutions, his experimental design work featuring nature has appeared in several exhibitions and publications.

He has received the 2002 ADI-FAD medal, the Expohogar Regalo 2005 Award, a Top Nominated INDEX 2005 and Expohogar Regalo 2006, among many others.

Born in the Basque Country, Azúa A Fine Arts graduate of the Universitat de Barcelona and holds a Post-graduate diploma in Architecture and Design of Ephemeral Installations from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He lives in Barcelona, where he combines his work as a designer with teaching at the ELISAVA School of Design. Azúa currently collaborates as a designer with a variety of companies and institutions, while carrying out experimental and research work.

Brands Nanimarquina