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Alexander Lotersztain

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1977, Lotersztain graduated from Industrial Design at Ort School.  He moved to Australia age 19. Travel being his main source of inspiration.
It was in Australia that he further graduated from the Queensland College of Art, receiving many design awards, including the Design Institute of Australia Prize "Best Design Student" - noted for his innova-tive and experimental use of material ranging from jewellery to cardboard furniture.

In Japan at GK Planning & Design in Tokyo he participated in the development of products for clients such as Asahi, Mizuno and others.
At IDEE Headquarters, he developed a range of low furniture including his acclaimed "skid seaters" and softsofa for Sputnik and defied the pre-conceptions of existing industrialised products with his "light-flow" light.

Lotersztain has participated in international exhibitions with Sputnik, Designers Block London, Tokyo, Milano, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Moscow and one of his products is part of the design Collec-tion at the Pompidou Museum in Paris.

In 2007 Alexander Lotersztain was name top 10 most influential faces in Design by Scene Design Quar-terly, top 10 of 100 Young Brightest Australian Achievers Bayer/Bulletin Award and one of 100 most influential top designer worldwide in &fork by Phaidon.

Alexander is consulting for the In Africa Foundation to create sustainability among arts & crafts com-munities with the vision of creating a vibrant and modern African design style.

Limes Hotel, part of opened its door in Brisbane on June 2008. The Studio has over-seeing every aspect of interior, image and branding, form bedroom design and layout to glassware for the bar. The derlot range has been specified for interior including custom made objects.