Freshen up your next project with our Spring Palette

As the delicate tendrils of Spring unfurl, painting nature with a plethora of colours, we at UFL Group wanted to highlight our Spring choices.

Introducing a showstopper – Artifort’s Track Modular Sofa. With an iconic, sculptural approach, Track transports you to a landscape filled with rock-like formations that float, creating comfortable seating islands. These islands, crafted from solid foam, not only promise high comfort but also promise to maintain a sharp, pristine appearance. They’re designed to be the conversation starters, the center of attention in any Spring-themed interior.

Aritfort Track Modular

Juno 02 by Arper heralds a sustainable future. With its sleek silhouette formed from 70% post-industrial recycled plastic, it’s a nod to eco-friendly designs and innovations. Its palette, inspired by the natural world, complements any Spring-themed interior or exterior.

Then there’s the Aava 02 by Arper, a symphony of spring hues brought to life in both chair and stool form. Choose the blue polypropylene colour which brings to mind clear spring skies, or perhaps let the Terracotta Orange evoke images of a spring sunset, painting your space with its glow.

Tailored for interior designers, project managers, workplace designers, and architects desiring a fusion of elegant designs and seasonal hues.

On a greener note, laCividina’s Osaka Sofa sows a lush aesthetic into commercial spaces. In 1967, the French designer Pierre Paulin challenged the rationalism that was predominant at the time by envisaging a range of seats with naturally winding lines. Infused with a nature-inspired green hue, this piece stands as a bold statement of style that rejuvenates and refreshes any area it graces.


laCividinia Osaka Sofa

Anthropomorphic figures or wooden blocks? While playing with perspectives and optical illusions, Nathan Yong reveals a gentler and more relaxed side of the art of designing. Sancal’s Faces tables bring forth a celebration of expressions, weaving an intricate tapestry of designs and colours that are as multifaceted and vibrant as spring itself. It’s a true homage to the many faces of the season, perfectly encapsulating its varied moods and tones. Made from oak, the wood grain adds texture and expressiveness. The range of stain colours can add even more character when using a vibrant palette or make a more discreet piece if natural tones are chosen.


And then, let’s bring to light the LZF Lamps Voliere. Embodying a gentle flutter of a bird’s feathers, this piece is layered with wooden elements arranged meticulously to mimic plumes, illuminating spaces with a soft, ambient glow that whispers tales of and untouched nature.

Composed by Bodo Sperlein, Voliere is an opulent, eye-catching centrepiece with a dramatic, layered appearance, inviting an intimate atmosphere in even the most spacious settings.


LZF Lamps Voliere

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