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UFL Group would like to introduce you to a fantastic new addition to our furniture portfolio; a renowned Spanish furniture supplier, Blasco&Vila, with a legacy dating back to 1992. Specialising in contemporary pieces that blend functionality with style, their collection brings a refreshing take on modern living.

When looking to add another collection to our portfolio, Blasco&Vila stood out for their unique approach to design, and what’s not to love? One of their most distinguishing features is their incorporation of their visible metal structure into their pieces, so elegantly, such as the RC Metal and Fosca range.

But here’s the best part: these pieces aren’t just limited to residential spaces. They are versatile and excel in workplace and hospitality settings. Their sleek and functional design makes them perfect for modern office environments, exuding professionalism, and style. Additionally, their durability and timeless appeal makes them an excellent choice for hospitality settings, adding a touch of elegance to hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Take a look at their collection here.


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