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Naumi HotelWellington, 2022 | Material Creative

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Inspired by the intersection of post-impressionist art and the scientific revolution, Material Creative’s design for the Naumi Wellington Hotel embraces bold colours and structural arrangements, creating an unexpected and artistic space. Reflecting the transformative era during the construction of The People’s Palace, homage is paid to the post-impressionist scientific revolution incorporating geometric patterns and vibrant hues, harmonizing with Naumi’s colourful essence.

At UFL Group, our partnership with Material Creative spans across multiple Naumi Hotels, beginning with our collaboration on the Naumi Hotel at Auckland Airport back in 2017. Continuing this journey, we were delighted to team up once again for the Naumi Wellington Hotel project. Our contribution involved supplying Andreu World’s iconic Reverse Table, designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, which now graces all 62 rooms of this prestigious establishment. It’s a privilege to consistently support Material Creative’s innovative designs, enhancing each Naumi Hotel’s ambiance with our timeless furniture pieces.

Designers: Material Creative | Photography: Sam Hartnett

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