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Naumi Studio HotelWellington, 2020 | Material Creative

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Leading the project, Material Creative assembled a talented team of consultants and contractors to create a feast for the senses, with eclectic spaces inspired by seafaring, the literary world, and enduring love. In communal spaces, an ‘Edwardian garden’ of lush florals is brought to life through an eclectic blend of art and design. ⁠

A gold leaf floral backdrop by The Art Dept wraps up onto the ceiling, scattered with floral lighting sculptures by Angus Muir Design. Curved, bronzed brass reception counters stand in a carpet of flowers – a bespoke collaboration between Designer Rugs and artist Karl Maughan.

The team at UFL worked closely with Material Creative, supplying the quirky, yet perfectly proportioned Sancal Mullit Chairs in a mix of sumptuous fabrics for dining and socialising.

Designers: Material Creative | Photography: Sam Hartnett 

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