Working in the field of sustainable energy Eneco believes that our choices as individuals can impact our greater quality of life. Eneco’s office is a manifestation of their values, giving employees the freedom to work independently and the opportunity to come together. A central atrium floods the space with bright, natural sunlight, while living walls oxygenate the air and richly hued meeting areas punctuate the large, white, open floor plan.
Arper’s Catifa, Masai and Pix ottomans, have assisted in the creation of distinctive spaces which accommodate the diversity of working styles. The different environments flow effortlessly between the public and the reserved, the individual and the collective. Long tables and chairs are gathered for group meetings while enclosed spaces are suited for concentrated work. Clusters of plush chairs and coffee tables create zones for impromptu meetings and a fluid arrangement of the public and private allows for employees to select the environment that best suits their needs and working style.