The canvas /

Nestled in downtown Auckland sits a true gem – the award-winning Hayman Kronfeld building.

This architectural marvel has undergone multiple reincarnations since its initial construction in 1905. Originally serving as a warehouse, it has gracefully transformed into a hub for retail, commerce, and hospitality.

The anchor tenant of Hayman Kronfeld’s new commercial offices is Greenwood Roche, New Zealand’s leading Project Law firm.

Architect | Wingates
Photography | Jono Parker
Furnishings | UFL Group

The brief /

UFL was tasked with curating the recently refurbished space with furniture that enhances the space and serves a function.

The team worked closely with architecture firm Wingates to craft a workspace that resonates with Greenwood Roche’s unique culture; one that is characterised by its people-focused approach, non-hierarchical structure and transparent ethos.One vital aspect of the project was to strike the right balance between openness and privacy. The space needed a welcoming impression while ensuring an appropriate level of separation and confidentiality for the firm’s staff and clients

Stepping into a new Greenwood Roche /

As you reach the office of Greenwood Roche, staff and clients are welcomed by both a professional and inviting ambiance. Taking centre stage are the exquisite Sancal Core sofa and Sancal Remnant armchair, leaving a lasting impression both visually and physically.

The Sancal sofa, with its clean lines and contemporary charm, exudes both comfort and sophistication, beckoning its visitors to take a moment and relax. 

Sitting neatly alongside the Core, is its smaller sibling, the Remnant. Providing a distinct blend of style and functionality, the pair compliments the firm’s image of modernism and professionalism.

UFL Cloud Soda, upholstered in leather.

Adjacent to the client meeting room wing is the thoughtfully crafted UFL Cloud sofa. Its name reflects its purpose – to evoke a sense of lightweight comfort while ensuring full support. 

The Cloud creates a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, encouraging informal discussions before or after formal meetings. 

The piece is completely customisable with customers able to upholster in their choice of fabric, colour and leather, as well the choice of a black or white aluminium four leg frame.

Curating an open-plan workspace in a way that maintains flow but provides pockets of privacy can be a challenge. In this case, there was no looking past Andreu World’s Nuez Lounge BIO chair

With a carbon footprint equivalent to wood, the earthy tones of the Nuez Lounge BIO don’t just walk-the-walk. The lounge chair is a fully biodegradable, compostable and recyclable product, made from natural thermopolymer generated by living organisms. Its glue-free assembly allows for easy disassembling, repairs and upholstery.

Socialising takes on a fresh dimension for the staff and clients of Greenwood Roche. The Hayman Kronfeld terrace has been transformed with an exclusive selection from Andreu World, elevating the experience of taking in the views of the Waitemata harbour. 

The carefully chosen Marina armchair features a braided backrest and plush upholstered cushion, offering maximum comfort and an artistic appeal. Paired with the Marina is the Reverse occasional table. Its varied base and tabletop colours harmonise perfectly with the tones of Auckland’s atmospheric skyline. 

The result is a sophisticated setting: making a quiet lunch, an afternoon breath of air, or a Friday evening truly memorable at Greenwood Roche. 

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