Easy Being Green?



The UFL philosophy: buy quality, and replace less frequently. We strive to source durable, iconic pieces that minimise their environmental impact.

EU-based design houses already operate within some of the most demanding constraints in terms of ethical production – creating furniture that’s not only crafted to last, but minimises harm during its creation, transportation and use.

Due to New Zealand’s size, and distance from manufacturers, product stewardship programmes are not always viable. This is why it makes sense to specify lasting quality above all. All UFL suppliers – both European and New Zealand – use FSC timbers from responsibly managed forests.

We choose to partner with companies that incorporate circular and regenerative practices, use low-impact materials, employ labour fairly, and conserve energy and water used during raw materials sourcing or manufacturing. Please ask us about the eco-credentials of any of our locally made or European products.

To fulfill a sustainability brief when specifying furniture we recommend using this checklist as a starting point.

Nuez Lounge BIO by Andreu World, is 100% recyclable. From the compostable shell to glueless assembly, every aspect of design and manufacture is fully considered.

The Sustainability Checklist

Renewable raw materials

Here FSC certified wood wins. But bamboo, cotton and new materials like algae-based plastics are also renewable. Recycled components such as PET bottles or upcycled wood fibres keep valuable materials in the circular economy.

Free from harmful substances

Furniture that emits harmful chemicals is out of the question. As well as structural materials, paints, and other coatings should contain the lowest levels of toxic chemicals such as VOCs.

Timeless design with durable construction

These pieces can be used for many years, tend to retain their value and can later be on sold. Reupholstering or renewing powder coating, paint or varnish can extend their lifespan even further. Many products are now designed to be disassembled and their components recycled at end of life. 

Third party certification

For example, Andreu World’s EN ISO 14006 certification is a globally recognised eco-design guarantee that all products are made using practices that minimise their environmental footprint, including reducing waste. 

Lower-impact transport

UFL makes and customises a number of pieces here in New Zealand. But most raw materials (yes, even timber) and fixtures must be imported. So combining imports with local manufacture provides wider choice, while balancing the transport footprint. When importing the best European design to complement our locally made products, we choose sea freight – with 40x less Co2 emissions than airfreighting.

Smarter Packaging

UFL uses recyclable plastic bags to protect furniture against moisture during shipping and storage. Lightweight cardboard reduces the energy needed to transport items.

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If you’d like to learn more about our sustainable range of furniture, please contact us with the specific needs of your project and let us help you find what you’re looking for.

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