A brand that is synonymous with avant-garde furniture, pots and lighting, VONDOM has arrived in New Zealand and we’re on cloud nine about our exclusive representation of this chic, boundary-bending brand.

Founded in the early noughties in Valencia,VONDOM have forged an epic reputation in what is a hugely competitive market for high-end, modestly priced furniture. Under the transcendental art direction of Ramon Esteve, their seismic success is due to a progressive approach to what furniture needs to be in 2015

Working with some of the worlds most esteemed designers helps too. From Teresa Sapey to Karim Rashid, Stefano Giovannoni, Javier MariscalRamon Esteve and JM FerreroVONDOM scour the globe for designers who’ll become ambassadors of their unique spirit, “What counts is their passion for shapes, culture and the vanguard. They transform each piece of furniture into an exclusively “Vondom” mode of expression. Nothing is random, everything happens for a reason”.

All collections are unveiled at prestigious design fairs in Milan and Paris. VONDOM is similarly notable for being one of the first furniture companies to create illuminated furniture for both indoor and outdoor use.  Achieved through the use of energy efficient LEDs, lighting can operated via remote control or android phone for programmable colour LED lighting.

VONDOM’s entire product range is engineered from roto-molded polyethylene, 100% recyclable and extremely durable, polyethylene can withstand harsh climatic extremes. The techniques employed in the molding process also allows for an array of colours and matt or lacquered surface textures. Distinctive organic shapes are also made possible, evident in the swath that is the modular And bench, a breath-taking ribbon of seating, that could swirl its way to infinity if one had the space.

And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, maybe this will; VONDOM’s planter pots range from small to huge, making them a fabulous commercial product, perfect for malls and public places. Equipped with an optional inbuilt watering system these too can be illuminated.

View this intoxicating brand here, available now through UFL