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The Sky Lobby, PwC TowerAuckland, 2020 | Space Studio

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Commercial Bay extends the working space beyond the floor plate.

The Sky Lobby in the new PwC Tower is a hotel-style environment creating an extension of the occupants’ working space as well as being the ideal place to meet clients or colleagues. With airy, light-filled spaces, quality food and beverage, spectacular art, and a variety of seating, the vision for the Sky Lobby is to be the welcoming heart of the commercial office community — a place to support connectivity and exchange.

Beyond the lobby is the Sky Terrace, an outdoor sanctuary in the city. The urban rooftop landscape will be an adaptable space suitable for events from morning to night.

The native plants and variety of seating and breakout spaces come together creating an adaptable and engaging space for informal meetings and events.

Furniture supplied by UFL:



Designers: Space Studio | Photography: Jeremy Hooper, Studio South

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