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The Renal Unit Transformation at Taranaki Base HospitalAuckland, 2023 | Warren and Mahoney

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Revolutionizing Patient Care: The Renal Unit Transformation at Taranaki Base Hospital

The Renal Unit at Taranaki Base Hospital, designed by Warren and Mahoney, embodies a holistic approach to caring for dialysis patients and their families. Designed to prioritize well-being, this unit diverges from the traditional hospital atmosphere, embracing a clinic-like ambiance that fosters a sense of retreat. Its strategic layout maximizes serene sea views, harnessing the healing power of nature to promote patient recovery. The emphasis on natural daylight, expansive external vistas, and operable windows creates an atmosphere of hope, tranquility, and connectivity with the outdoors. Meticulous attention to privacy and sound control ensures a peaceful and comfortable environment.

This state-of-the-art unit features 12 dialysis chairs and two dedicated rooms for home dialysis training, empowering and supporting patients in their journey toward independent self-care within the community. Additionally, a specialized treatment area accommodates after-hours self-care for pre-arranged patients, including visitors from other districts.

UFL collaborated directly with the Taranaki District Health Board, providing specially customised Sancal Midori armchairs meticulously tailored to meet the stringent demands of a healthcare facility. These chairs not only complement the unit’s natural aesthetic but also prioritize patient comfort and ergonomics, aligning seamlessly with the unit’s ethos of promoting well-being through thoughtful design.

Designers: Warren and Mahoney | Photography: Jono Parker

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