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Gate 15 – Christchurch AirportNew Zealand, 2018

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As the Gateway to the South Island and with continually increasing passenger numbers, it is critical to Christchurch Airport that the customer experience be memorable for all the right reasons. The airport has a stated commitment, and strategic focus, to enhance the customer journey for passengers at the airport. UFL have provided furniture to a range of spaces within the airport – from landside to airside.

Gate 15, with an array of seating spaces for at least 150 people, specific areas were designed to meet a combination of practicality, function and comfort for gate, walkway and lounge areas, with nearly 80% of the lounge space having power access points. UFL product selected for this space was based on versatility and application to each of the seating areas and a nice mixture of warmth and colour that complemented the 35m streetscape wall art.

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