Our friends at LZF know how to soiree and with the Spanish summer in full swing they thought the time was nigh to host a party. Every good party strengthens and builds relationships and LZF’s guest list comprised of interior designers who work within the Valencian hotel industry.

The perfect venue is as important as the who’s who attending, so the back of LZF’s factory was selected to play host to the gathering. Now when I think of a party at the back of a factory I think of everyone jostling around a small square of dead grass, dodging old tyres and dead cars.

Nevertheless as the guests descended the stairs from the old winery that is LZF HQ, they emerged into a spectacular walled garden veiled in dappled light, an oasis of calm in the oppressive Spanish summer heat. The trees were abundantly decorated in Agatha, Chou and Escape lamps, which set a mellow, fairy-tale atmosphere once the sun dropped below the horizon. No party is complete without lashings of food washed down with blackberry gin and tonics, watermelon daiquiris and classic mojitos, and guests whiled the evening away beneath the canopy of the trees lit up by a spectacular suspension lamp installation.

Escape is based on a game of dominoes. The domino effect in lighting consists of a chain of self-supporting squares falling into a ring of light. This inspired piece creates a domino circle caught in a constant state of gravity defiant falling.

In 1994 LZF started designing and manufacturing hand-made wood-veneer lamps from a small studio in Valencia’s historic centre. Since that time they’ve grown to become one of the world’s most respected boutique lighting companies. For the past 20-years the LZF team has enjoyed all the challenges of business, the ups and downs, the friendships forged, and the sheer act of creating beautiful light.

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