& Son

A legacy in wood, carved by Toni and Domingo Terrón
of Andreu World.

Above: Toni and Domingo Terrón in their Valencia workshop.
Right: Andreu World Carola Chair.

Tools of the trade, hand crafting to perfection.

Although Francisco Andreu – the founder of Andreu World – had been working with wood for several years, he needed specialist artisans to develop his products.

Toni Terrón began working at the design firm aged just 18, immediately honing his woodworking skills. Eventually he was creating prototypes from a single drawing. At a time before computer models could calculate the weight-bearing ability and dimensions of a chair leg, Toni was doing just this through instinct and experience.

Toni’s son Domingo joined the firm as a warehouse helper, working his way up. After quickly learning the techniques to assemble and finish wooden chairs, he was entrusted with learning how to build chairs from just a drawing – as his father had before him. Domingo’s ‘apprenticeship’ continued for eight years as he learned from Toni the techniques of a master woodworker.

Toni retired at the age of 65, after passing down his invaluable knowledge. Domingo now heads the vital prototype section. As Andreu World creates many pieces in wood, designers rely on Domingo and his team to convert the designs into real components – adjusting angles, positions, and connections for strong and beautiful results.

Without the skills and time-honoured techniques of craftspeople like Toni and Domingo, Andreu World may never have developed many of its designs, including its iconic RDL and Nub chairs. Every component that’s eventually manufactured is first prototyped and reviewed physically. And while Andreu World now uses 3D printers for aluminium components during the design phase, these are regularly made in solid wood because carving and reshaping the piece can create a better result.

UFL has been exclusively distributing Spanish design house Andreu World for the better part of 30 years. One family owned business proudly working with another to continue sharing a fine tradition of craft here in New Zealand.