It’s been a busy year for Angela Sorenson, Sales Manager at UFL. She’s led two major installations in Christchurch at Christchurch Airport and Christchurch Central Library all while pregnant with her second daughter. She’s managed to juggle work priorities with home chaos and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

After buying their home in 2012, Ange and husband, James decided it was time to completely gut their Glen Innes home and refresh the space with a more contemporary environment that suits their lifestyle and small, energetic family.

Since joining the UFL team in 2013, Angela has focused her work on the Auckland and Christchurch areas. Having supported so many architects and designers with fresh concepts and a solutions-focused approach, it didn’t take long to put the wheels in motion on her own residential project. 

With the help of her builder husband, renovations began in October 2017 that involved an entire extension to their home including bedrooms, bathrooms and a study. As a spatial design expert, Ange selected the perfect assemblage of UFL furniture to give her home the elegance and comfort for both the adults and kids that visit. The kitchen installation includes Lottus barstools by Enea and Catifa 46 chairs by Arper in a unique, cool shade called Petrol. Moving to the next room like you would a booth at Milan Design Week, the bright and airy lounge space displays an L-shape Tiptoe sofa adorned in Blue Velvet by Sancal, nestled nicely in the corner. Across the room, past the baby laying on a white shag rug and Poppy, the Burmese cat, is an exquisite Tonella lounge chair, also by Sancal.  

After nearly 6 months of renovations and living out of a suitcase, all works finished in March 2018. Ange, James and daughters Zoe and Harper are happy to finally be home and in a space they can call their own.