Furniture that promotes social distancing for office and educational spaces.

In the face of the global pandemic, we’ve seen monumental changes across all industries. In the interior and design realm, we are now rethinking how we best promote social distancing in our workplaces and educational centres as part of the phenomenon that we know as ‘the new normal’.

We have put together furniture strategies and a list of products that will ensure your work or educational space is prepared for the future, promoting safer environments for people to dwell, work and learn.


Ideas from UFL

Tape barriers are a simple and effective measure to cordon off areas and create breakout spaces.

Similarly, screens are useful for dividing up space, as well as being moveable.

Planters are a great way to aesthetically enhance a space, whlie also creating a break in larger areas.

Seating booths and privacy furniture promote small pockets of isolated areas for individuals to work.

Single seats such as tub chairs and ottomans create isolated seating options and come in different styles, shapes and sizes.



It’s important to rethink spaces to create learning environments that continue to inspire, as well as keeping students safe. Check out our range of standalone workpods, desk trays and modular furniture that encourages social distancing. 

Office space

Motivate social distancing in the workplace with the use of screens as a perimeter to define space, modular seating systems as well as privacy chairs — all selected especially for you by our UFL team.